Landscaping season is finally underway! We’re starting to see some really nice weather, and that means it’s time to prepare the lawn mowers. The first service of the season is an important one; here’s what we’ll need to do: 

Spring Cleaning: A spotless lawn mower may be waiting for you if it was serviced at the end of last season. If not, it’s a good idea to take it apart for a thorough cleaning. Grass, leaves, and other debris can accumulate on the blades, under the deck, and even between engine parts!

 Change Oil and Filters: Start the season with fresh oil and a clean air filter to help the engine run more efficiently and extend the life of your lawn mower. The best time to change the oil (and fill up on fresh gas) is when you’re preparing for the mowing season to start. But if the air filter is already clean, then it doesn’t need to be replaced.

 Grease Moving Parts: Adding a little grease to the lawn mower’s lubrication points helps prevent rust and maintain its cut quality.

Check Utilities: Here’s another line that a season’s end service may have already crossed off. Sharpened blades, new spark plugs, and recently replaced belts are ready for spring. But during storage, it’s likely that the lawn mower’s tires went a little flat and its battery may have lost charge – these should be checked before trying to start the mower! Following this maintenance checklist will help prevent problems before they cause damage, extend the life of your lawn mower, and ensure a hassle-free mowing season. Call or text us to schedule a tune-up with our licensed mechanics and we’ll do it all for you!

Remember: A great mowing season starts in the garage, and it’s not just the lawn mower that needs a service. You can bring all your landscaping equipment to us and take home an entire shed of like-new tools in less than a week, with a quality tune-up from A to Z.