Welcome to 2022!
Happy Holidays! It’s a new year, and winter has only just begun. We’ll leave the snowfall predictions to the weather channel. But in the meantime, we’ve put together a quick comparison between the “traditional” method of snow removal and the gas-powered kind!

Here’s how to know if upgrading your snow clearing equipment is worth the cost, and the time you might spend waiting for delivery:
To conclude, you may like to keep a shovel around for those decks and stairways that a snowblower can’t reach. But for your driveway, walkways, and sidewalks, a snow blower is going to have you back inside by the fire in a matter of minutes – not hours. We’re proud to sell the Ariens: King of Snow brand here in our store, so come get yours now while they remain in stock!

Remember: If you’re a winter-ready owner of a snow blower already, then you know it’s important to have your machine fully serviced before it snows. Schedule an appointment or stop by and let us perform the tune-up for you. Take advantage of our one-week turnaround time! 

If you’re like us and your attention is already turning back to mowing your lawn, then call NOW to schedule a January pick-up. Winter is the best time to service your lawn equipment so that it’s ready for when the grass is growing again.