Fall lawn care doesn’t have to be SCARY! After a dry summer, October is the best time to resurrect your grass with these tricks: 

  1. The Basics – Don’t assume that irrigation is no longer necessary because of the season, and do continue to water your yard. Be sure to remember (or remind customers) that leaves will not naturally degrade if left out in the yard. And if wet leaves are left to sit for long periods of time, it can cause grass damage or dead spots. 
  2. The Fertilizer – Ideally, the order of operation should be Aeration, Seeding, and then Fertilizing. Turf grasses put a lot of energy into their root systems at this time of year, which is why putting down fertilizer now will help keep the roots properly fed. October essentially serves as the storage time for the roots, and they will be actively stocking up the necessary nutrients for a hearty return in spring.
  3. Aerating & Seeding – Spreading grass seed over an existing lawn is a fast, inexpensive way to thicken your lawn back to its lush, green self. Properly sowing seeds, nutrients, and precious water back into your lawn this fall requires Aeration. Relieving compaction and stress this way will help guarantee a healthy next year. This task is most effective when professional machinery is used, which we can order for you here at A to Z! 

Remember: October is the time for your grass care and power equipment TLC. Trimmers, chainsaws, and mowers will need tune-up after an entire season at work. Plus the generators and snow blowers getting pulled out of storage now will be grateful for their first service of the season! 

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