Unless your tools were stored outdoors or didn’t get a full service before they were put away, you can probably make it through part of the season before they need to come in. However, regardless of the tools’ condition, fresh gas is a necessity. If your small engines weren’t completely drained before the winter, or if they were used once and then sat still for a few weeks of leftover cold weather, it’s worth a quick check-up with our mechanics.

Not only will we clean up and repair any damages from defunct gas, we’ll also replace it with a high-end fuel that your tools will love.

In addition to gunking and corroding your small engine, regular gas will go bad even as it sits in its can on your garage shelves. In less than a month, whether it’s in your tools or unopened, regular gas is rendered useless. On the contrary, designer fuels burn cleaner and last up to 2 years in the tank. That’s 5 years on the shelf!

It’s true that your power tool engines were designed for street gas, because of the days when that was the only fuel available. But competition between small engine manufacturers leads them to make better, more powerful engines which demand more from the fuel.

While these newer engines are set up to run on street gas with 10% ethanol, they still aren’t being designed to resist the harmful side effects like gumming and corrosion, poor starting, and expiration. Your lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and string trimmers are high performance engines complete with air cooling. So why use regular old gas laden with ethanol that will ultimately destroy your fuel system?

Designer fuels may be a little more expensive, but we make them easily accessible in our shelf stock. We know they were designed for big engines that run longer and work harder. That’s why we fuel all your machines, no matter how small, with the best product there is.

Remember: The further along in the season, the busier our mechanics are! Don’t wait until we’re too booked up to take your machines. Grab your spot on the schedule right now – even if that spot is a couple weeks out. We’ll pick up and drop off your tools at your convenience. Enjoy the 2023 landscaping season!