The summer solstice ha​​​s now passed and our hot summer days will begin to get shorter. Although there’s still plenty of time for gardening and backyard BBQs, the downside is our lawns are drying out. They’re going to need a little more midsummer love in order to stay healthy!
When to Water: Grass will tell you when it needs extra water well before it goes brown. When dehydrated, grass folds its blades and shows its underside. You can also walk on it and check if it springs back up in the path of your footprints. If those grass blades stay flat, they need to be hydrated.
Also, consider the time of day. Most people already know that noon is not a great time for watering. Set your sprinklers for early morning instead!
Mulch Your Yard: Lawn mower mulching, or grass mulching, returns nutrients to your lawn. The grass clippings from your last mow contain rich nutrients like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus! These minerals help your lawn stay strong and prevent weeds from taking control.
Reduce Stress: Keeping some length in your lawn is good for healthy grass growth.
Grass that’s cut too short can become stressed as it uses its energy to re-grow blades instead of roots. As the summer goes on, longer grass with deeper root systems allows for greater access to moisture and nutrients.
Try cutting less than one-third of the length of grass with each mowing.
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