The fastest way to cultivate a beautiful lawn and garden is to use the right equipment! Among other tips like adding extra mulch to keep plant roots cool in the midsummer heat and mowing high to help grass develop deeper roots, we recommend stocking your shed with a tool specialized for every job. 

Speed up the journey to gorgeous landscaping by making sure you have the essentials.

What You Need

Edger – You already have a String Trimmer and you’re thinking, “what do I need an Edger for?” But the answer is in the name! An Edger is specialized for detailing sharp lines along the borders of your lawn, such as the driveway, sidewalk, and garden or mulch areas. A truly professional lawn maintains the clean look that an Edger, with its steady wheel and vertically mounted string, can provide in just one pass.

Leaf Blower – Put away the push broom and clear your pine needle covered patio in seconds, then give your freshly cut lawn a blowout to remove extraneous grass clippings. Dust out your garage, clean your gutters (or other outdoor power equipment, like your String Trimmer!), and even dry wet spots around your pool and driveway. This tool is not just for leaves, it’s a multi-tasker that can cut your lawn care down to size.

Hedge Trimmer – unlike clippers or shears, which are best for pruning one stray branch at a time, your hedge trimmer is designed to help you easily shape large areas all at once. This tool is invaluable when shaving clean, even lines or smooth, perfect curves on your shrubbery. And you’ll be done in less than half the time!

Remember: A to Z Power Equipment services all your small engines. We can make sure that every single tool in your arsenal is up to the task – from your Trimmers and Blowers to your Chainsaws and even your Generators. 
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