When your Summer is full of camping trips with family, and hurricane season is coming, you need a reliable generator. Our outdoor power equipment experts can keep your machine in top shape with a full service and tune up – just text us! 

But if you need a whole new generator, what should you buy? 

Although we service many generator brands, we do play favorites. Here’s why we love to stock Generac brand generators in our store!

Honda vs Generac

The Engine: A powerful motor can produce more electricity, but as the capacity increases, the size does too. While a Honda’s EU2200 Inverter sits at 121cc, you can have the same 4-stroke OHV engine in Generac’s GP2200 Inverter. It’s only an 80cc engine, but this portable unit is designed for carry-on during camping trips and outdoor home-improvement or small projects. It’s only 46 pounds! Generac understands that you need the right tool for the right job.
The Runtime: Especially during the hurricane season, you may need your generator for days at a time. Generac’s prioritization of longevity extends beyond their Home Back-up units to all their portable models. When compared to that Honda EU2200i, with a 0.95gal tank, Generac’s GP2200i 1.2gal tank holds 30% more! And what about larger units?
Both brands have a 6500 watt generator, but Honda’s has a 6.2gal tank that only runs for 9 hours, while Generac holds 6.9gal and runs for 11. That’s more power, for longer, at a lower cost to you.
The Price: Speaking of cost, let’s look at that Generac 6500E again. We’ve got this model in stock right now at A to Z Power Equipment for just $899! Honda’s above-mentioned equivalent costs $3,299.
In fact, A to Z is currently stocking a full line up of Generac portable generators from the GP2200i to the GP8000E. All of them are at least twice as affordable as their Honda competition, in other words, they’re less than half the cost!
Remember: Generac may be our favorite brand to sell, but we love to service all portable generators from every brand. If you have a Honda, or Briggs & Stratton, or Rigid, schedule with us now! A quality tune-up from our expert mechanics can keep any generator running smooth for as long as you need.

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