As summer turns to fall, so too do our summer storms become hurricanes and power outages. It’s time to be prepared! According to our partners at Generac, The CSU Tropical Meteorology Project believes that 13 possible hurricanes will come to the East Coast this fall. A couple of them may even reach wind speeds of 111 mph. 

We’ve compiled tips from Generac’s 2023 Hurricane Preparedness Guide so that you can equip your home with the best tools for the job. 

The action begins when you receive a Storm Warning. This means that a storm is expected to arrive in your region in 36 hours or less. Pre-storm preparedness tips include:

  •  Turn your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting.
  •  Fill bathtubs and large containers with water for sanitation purposes.
  •  Unplug small appliances in the rooms you do not plan to use during a storm.
  •  Charge cell phones
  •  Remember to stock up on gasoline and oil for your portable back-up generator
  •  Clear debris and any obstructions away from the generator and keep at least 3 ft. of clearance around the generator.
  •  Ensure the inside of the generator enclosure is free of debris 
  •  Check your battery for proper charge and clean any  corrosion on the terminals.
  • Inspect key generator parts: if the air filter is dirty or damaged, replace it. Inspect lines and connections for fuel or oil leaks. If the spark plug gap is out of tolerance, re-gap or replace the plug.

Now you’re ready to consider these tips for enduring a hurricane: 

  • Staying Home
    •  Take shelter in the safest room in the residence.
    • Monitor updates with a radio or television. Remember to have some non-electronic entertainment handy for kids, like board games or coloring books.
    • If power is lost, unplug all outlets to reduce the chance of damage due to a power surge when power returns.
    • Never use a gas-powered generator inside the home or garage, even if doors and windows are open. Only use a gas-powered portable generator outside and far away from windows, doors, and vents to protect against carbon monoxide. Your Generac Power Station can live inside – as long as it’s fully charged, so are all your handheld devices! 
  • Evacuating
    • Unplug appliances, turn off water at the main valve and deactivate electricity at the breaker box to help protect your home.
    • Grab your emergency kit and your Generac Portable Power Station to keep electronics active on the go, without depleting the gas in your car.
    • Bring backup maps/directions in the event of loss of cell service.
    • Turn on the radio to stay tuned to emergency bulletins.

Remember: If you don’t have time to meticulously check over your generator before a storm, let us do it for you! Before a hurricane even comes close, bring your generator over to our mechanics so we can get it into top shape. Don’t have a backup generator at all? 

We stock several models of Generac generators, including push-button starters! Whether you need a rechargeable Power Station for indoor use and on-the-go power, or a portable gas-powered generator to back up your entire home during an outage, we can help. Come in now to pick up the right generator for your home.