In the heat of the summer, grass retreats into dormancy and lawn maintenance becomes a waiting game for Autumn weather to wake up our lawns again. Now that those cooler temperatures are here (we hope!), there’s work to be done.
Fall Lawn Renovation
You’ll want to get your mower blades re-sharpened because the grass is back to growing as fast as it can! And there’s more to do if you want to make sure your whole lawnscape stays healthy through the end of this season and the start of the next one.

Aeration: To maintain a healthy lawn, there needs to be a healthy root system. But every year, the soil becomes compacted by your lawn mower, foot traffic, or its own weight. It is harder for water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. Aeration relieves this compaction by pulling out small plugs of dirt from the lawn, which allows the grass roots to breathe. Fall is the perfect time to strengthen your lawn against disease and drought through this process. Aerating in September will also create an excellent bed for your pre-winter seeding.
The simplest way to accomplish aeration is by poking holes into the soil of your lawn with a spike aerator or slicing aerator.
Grass Seeding: We know that keeping your grass around 2-2.5 inches tall throughout the Fall is essential to maintaining a lush and green lawn. However, especially after aeration, seeding your lawn in Autumn will help replace dead grass, crowd out weeds, and fill in holes come spring.
You’ll want to start fertilizing your lawn as well. We recommend using a sprayer to save time and maximize efficiency – you can have a beautiful lawn and enjoy it too!

Leaf Fall: As the trees drop their foliage in droves, you must remove the leaves from your yard to avoid damage to your grass. When leaves fall on your lawn, they block out sunlight, preventing the grass from making food. Leaves can also retain moisture, which can lead to lawn fungi. Yes, they do contain healthy nutrients that can feed your lawn – but only after they have been mulched!
If you don’t have access to a mulcher, simply blow all your leaves into a compost pile. After a whole Fall of blowing leaves into one spot, you’ve got a free fertilizer of naturally mulched leaves that can be added back into your lawn strategically. 
We are a full service mechanics shop here at A to Z, and we are ready to help you tackle a season’s worth of lawn maintenance with a turn-around time of 3-5 days. Re-sharpen your mower blades, tune up your leaf blower and trimmer engines, or simply restock your fuel stores!
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