Summer storms and power outages are just around the corner! Be prepared – pull out your generator now and make sure it runs with fresh gas, oil, and perhaps a new spark plug. Do you need to buy a new generator?

Take a peek at our stock:

Generac 8000w Portable – Our most powerful unit has convenient air tires and a collapsible handle so you can easily move it around.

Generac 3600w Portable – This unit also has tires and a collapsible handle for mobility. Plus, it’s 90 pounds lighter, ideal for camping and powering job sites!

Generac 2500i & 3300i Suitcase – Both of these suitcase generators are lightweight, with comfortable handles so they can easily be picked up. Simple to operate and powerful enough to keep a few lights on.

Generac 3500io Portable – This inverter is our most portable unit, that won’t sacrifice any power! It has a quieter operation that is the ideal solution for camping, powering your RV essentials, or simply keeping the lights on without disturbing the neighbors.

Remember: June is a good time to repair or replace equipment that failed during spring clean up. There’s still plenty of lawn and garden care before Columbus Day, so make sure your tools are ready for the work! Take advantage of our quick turnaround times by dropping off your equipment now, and getting it back the next week.